KRUPS XL2000 Automatic Milk Frother / Stainless Steel

Easy-to-use frother with three functions for barista-quality results at home
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Ref : XL200044



Upgrade your at-home coffee experience

Recreate your coffee-shop beverages in the comfort of your own home with the KRUPS automatic milk frother. In brushed stainless steel, this stylish frother has three easy-to-use functions – cappuccino, caffe latte or hot milk – putting all your favourite drinks at your fingertips. Just pour in your milk, press the button then sit back as your milk is frothed to barista quality. Top tip: the hot milk setting can also be used to make the most luxurious hot chocolate. Just add a few squares of chocolate to the milk before frothing – bliss! Automatic temperature control means the frother stops when the milk has reached the ideal temperature and consistency, so there’s no risk of scalding. The 300ml capacity jug is non-stick coated, and the emulsifier clicks in and out, for hassle-free cleaning. Internal quantity markings make it easy to froth just the right amount of milk for each function, while a transparent anti-spill lid ensures mess-free frothing. When your milk is ready, the insulated stainless-steel handle provides safe and comfortable handling. A 360° swivel base means you can pick it up with either hand, integrated cord storage keeps your worktop tidy, and an all-round pouring rim lets you serve from any angle. Plus, being stainless steel, it’s built to last. So, you can be sure it will deliver flawless results day after day.   Easy to use: Three preset functions put barista-quality froth at your fingertips. Just add your milk, press the button and the frother will take care of the rest. Controlled results: When your milk reaches the ideal temperature and consistency, the frother turns off automatically, so you’ll never burn or scald your milk. Fuss-free cleaning: The non-stick interior and removable emulsifier make clean-up quick and easy. Just unclick the emulsifier then clean the jug with soap and water. Convenient design: The lightweight jug has internal quantity markings, an anti-spill lid and insulated handle. A 360° base and all-round pouring rim mean you can pick it up and serve from any angle. Built to last: This frother is made from high-quality, sturdy stainless-steel. So, you can enjoy café-standard cappuccinos and lattes, as well as indulgent hot chocolates, for many years to come.    


Automatic stop    
360 degree rotational base    
Body material Stainless Steel  
Colours brushed stainless steel  




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